Travels With The Hondo Anvil Herald

Poignant… While in Seoul, South Korea to attend the marriage of their son, Lt. Bryan Weems (USMC), last month, Pat and Cindy Weems of Hondo, along with their daughter Holly, of San Antonio, visited the War Memorial of Korea (left) with Bryan. Built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of the Korean War (which technically is not really over yet), this impressive, graven obelisk is surrounded on either side by statues of soldiers in action. The United Nations banner and the flags of the countries which provided military and humanitarian aid fill the plaza in front of the main exhibit hall.












They also viewed the “Statue of Brothers,” which portrays the emotional reunion of a South Korean officer and his younger brother, a North Korean soldier, as they encounter each other and embrace on the battlefield. Reconciliation, love and forgiveness emanate from the statue. The “crack” in the dome represents the division of Korea and the hope for reunification. Objects inside the dome include a mosaic wall painting that expresses the spirit of the Korean people to overcome the national tragedy and a map plate of the 16 UN Allied Nations that dispatched troops to the war.                        27feb2020