Correction deeds okayed for properties conveyed to county

By Linda Perkins Anvil Herald reporter The regular session of Medina County Commissioners Court was called to order Nov. 17 by County Judge Chris Schuchart. Present and forming a quorum were Commissioners Tim Neuman, Precinct 1; Larry Sittre, Pct. 2; David Lynch, Pct. 3; and Jerry Beck, Pct. 4. The court approved the proposed Correction Deeds involving properties conveyed July 11, 2022, from TXN Bank to Medina County as follows: • Lots 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, Block 3, in the City of Hondo (Community National Bank); and • Lots 5 and 6, Block 16, in the City of Hondo (Hondo National Bank). Ronnie Miller, president and CEO of TXN Bank and Thomas J. Rothe PC, counsel to TXN Bank represented the bank. According to Miller and Rothe, both properties described in the original document dated July 11 and filed under Medina County Clerk’s File Number 2022007287, should have been conveyed by two, separate instruments. As a result, Miller said that the General Warranty Deed is being re-recorded as Correction Warranty Deed to correct the legal description of the property transferred by the original instrument July 11. The remaining property referenced in the original document is also being re-recorded as the Charitable Contribution Deed to correct the legal description (same date as above) that had been filed under Clerk’s File Number 2022007287. In a separate action, commissioners authorized Judge Schuchart to approve a non- cash charitable report for the TXN Bank property. Commissioners also voted unanimously to adopt a Resolution authorizing the formation of an Adult Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). The resolution further stipulates the court’s support of SART’s creation and mandates participation by seven Medina County and City of Hondo agencies listed in the resolution (see story in this issue of the Anvil Herald). In honor of Ignacio “Nacho” Bermea’s retirement, the court made a presentation to honor Bermea for his eight years of loyal service to Pct. 1 as a heavy equipment operator. Commissioners then accepted Medina County Sheriff’s Office 2022 Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture Report, also submitted by Cara Thomas, administrative assistant to Sheriff Randy Brown. A second report, presented by Thomas, was MCSO’s 2022 Equitable Sharing Report. It, too, was approved by commissioners. Commissioners gave the go-ahead to issuing a Deed without Warranty on a D’Hanis alleyway located in Pct. 3 to John and Sylvia Lutz. The judge noted that the alleyway is “no man’s land.” He said that since it is located behind the Lutz’ residence and does not belong to anyone, the county may issue the deed to it. Joseph Pargas of D’Hanis also requested a Deed without Warranty on a D’Hanis alleyway. However, Judge Schuchart tabled the item. He said that Joseph Pargas owns one-half of the property; his father, the other half. “Before we can move forward,” commented the judge, “we need clarification about ownership of the property.” Judge Schuchart opened a public hearing to receive comment on the vacate and replat of Lot 25-A, San Antonio Trust Subdivision, located in Pct. 3 off of FM 471. When no one voiced an opinion, the judge closed the hearing, and commissioners granted final approval of the proposal. In a separate action, the court considered, then awarded final approval to vacate and replat Lots 7A and 7B in the Santleben Stagecoach Hills Subdivision, located in Pct. 2 off of County Road 480. John Rothe of Rothe & Associates PLLC explained that the requested action (by two families who own the lots) will move the center boundary line between the lots. Rothe also requested preliminary approval to vacate and replat Lots 119 and 120 in Dancing Bear Ranch Subdivision, Unit 2B, located in Pct. 1 off of FM 1283. The action, which commissioners approved, will allow property owners to combine both lots to create one, Lot 119A. After considering the request, the court gave preliminary approval for Redbird Ranch Subdivision, Unit 3M-3B, located in Pct. 2 off of CR 381. Commissioners sanctioned a proposal by Garry T. Allen of Garry T. Allen & Associates, Inc. of Hondo for final approval to vacate a portion of Lot 34 in San Antonio Trust Subdivision and create lots 1-10 of Sandoval Subdivision, located in Pct. 3.

In other business before the court, commissioners: • accepted the accounts payable report by Medina County Treasurer Debbie Southwell in the amount of $801,543.74; • approved disbursement of funds since the Nov. 3 meeting, totaling $42,567.65; • sanctioned the treasurer’s report for September 2022: Cash Balance combined funds of $27,424,276.81, and Total Debt of $26,985,427; • endorsed the 4th Quarter 2022 Investment Report of Investments $5,505,504.92 and Cash $21,917,058.71; • tabled approval of an additional, non-paid Deputy Constable requested by Constable Jim Przybylski for Pct. 2; and • declared equipment from Pct. 2 (vehicle with burned-up motor) as salvage and authorized disposal.

Judge Schuchart noted he had received three letters from Gov. Greg Abbott. Judge Schuchart summarized the letters’ contents which discuss the governor’s displeasure with issues at Texas’ southern border. Gov. Abbott blames the President for allowing issues to get out of control. “I talked with Nym Kidd, (Texas Emergency Managment Coordinator),” explained Judge Schuchart. “He (Kidd) said in spite of the governor’s efforts to address the border issues, the biggest problem is that the Feds control it.” The next commissioners court meeting will be held Dec. 1 at 9 a.m. in the Courthouse Annex, 1300 Ave. M, Rm. 250.



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