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Council accepts deeds for Martin Asphalt property

By William Hoover
Anvil Herald Correspondent

Hondo City Council on Monday adopted two resolutions accepting deeds of release for 31.7 acres of airport land from the Federal Aviation Administration. Council took the action at the request of Acting City Manager Kim Davis, thereby paving the way for the city to sell the property to Martin Asphalt so they can construct their planned asphalt terminal adjacent to the Hondo Railway.

The property approved by the FAA for release to the city included a 5.884-acre lot and a 25.855-acre lot.

“This is a long awaited resolution,” said Mayor Jim Danner.

“This city has been working on this since 2012,” agreed Davis. “I’ll cover both items together because it is the exact same transaction, just two separate pieces of property.”

“We’ve been working with TxDOT and FAA to release the two tracts of land associated with the Martin Asphalt terminal project,” she said. “The 5.884-acre tract is for the rail spur to serve Martin Asphalt.”

The 25.855-acre tract would be the site of the asphalt terminal itself.

Davis reminded council Holland and Lee have $55,900 in escrow pending final release and purchase of the rail spur, with all proceeds benefiting the airport.

“Tonight, you will be authorizing the acting city manager to sign the deeds of release for the 5.884 acres and the 25.855 acres,” she said. “The Martin Asphalt sales agreement is for $310,000, less 70% of lease payments made prior to purchase. So the remainder due to the airport is $297,575.”

“Holland and Lee’s property is a straight purchase,” said Danner. “(Martin Asphalt) is a lease purchase. The money, about $360,000, will go into the airport fund.”

“This is just the release of two parcels, so we are still awaiting an FAA agreement for us to designate intermodal park property versus airport property,” added the mayor. “They promised us if we designated it that way then, when we went for these releases, it wouldn’t take more than 60 to 90 days because the property would already be designated.

“But the FAA had a personnel change about a year ago,” he said. “Somebody needs to continue to work on that.”

“Yes, sir, we will,” said Davis.

Council unanimously adopted the two resolutions accepting the deeds of release for the former airport property.




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