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Easter brings mixed blessing to local family

By Craig Heinlein
Special to the Anvil Herald

About two days before our dog, Julie, became the proud momma of five puppies on April 1, one of our cats, Kiki, had a litter of four kittens. She has always has been a good momma cat.

A stray dog who adopted our family about two months prior, Julie became friends with our cats.

Around 12:30 p.m. on Easter Sunday, I was cooking on the grill in the back yard. Kiki and Julie were hanging around, hoping I would drop something when a stray cat entered the yard. Being a good mother protecting her babies, Julie began chasing the stray cat from our back yard.

As the stray ran across the street, Julie followed it. Focusing on the cat, Julie did not see a suburban coming down the road and was stuck and killed.

I saw Kiki watching as I wondered what to do with puppies. Elleen Gooding, who was visiting our home for Easter lunch, suggested putting the puppies in with the kittens.

With this advice and knowing what a good mother Kiki is, I took the five puppies and placed them into the box with her and the kittens. Kiki had seen the puppies before, but Julie had kept her back from them, so I was not sure how she would react.

Kiki began sniffing and cleaning them, then laid on her side and the puppies began nursing. We were all amazed and surprised that she adopted the puppies. She continued to help us feed the puppies until they were three weeks old, when we were able to start them on puppy food.



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